Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sometimes I Cry

I don't think anything has ever made me cry as much as parenthood. There are the days when everything is so difficult, and all the rules and the listening and the patience have gone out the window. But what gets me the most, what really brings those tears to my eyes are the moments like this:

  • When she grabs my hand, just to walk across the living room.
  • When she stops me just before I leave her room at night to say "I love you, little guy"
  • When she hugs me so hard it almost hurts.
  • When she asks me to rock her and I feel her entire body relax.
  • When she sits in my lap and says "Sing to me mumma."
  • When she grabs my face (literally, grabs my face) and tells me she loves me.
  • When she sings me a song.
  • When that song is "Mumma, mumma, she's is awesome, she is awesome."
  • When she throws her arms around me and sways during Barney's "I Love You." (It's enough to make you forget you're watching Barney).
  • When I watch her play independently and use her imagination, making up stories about her toys.
  • When she sees me and runs, full force with her arms open wide to give me a big hug.
  • When she knows I have a headache and gently kisses my forehead and tells me "There mumma, you all better now."
  • When she is awake.
  • When she is asleep.
  • When she is.
I can't imagine my life without her.


  1. now you know the moments that I loved having all four of my children. It is AWESOME! You're a great mom Kristina and I love watching you with our little Molly.

    love you

  2. Okay... that whole POST made me cry. At work. Thanks. :-P