Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How to Make Baby Food - Apples

I've been nervous to give Molly apples because my husband has an oral allergy to them. However, I was surprised when the doctor said that because of this, it is extra important for her to try them now. It turns out the longer we wait to introduce them to her, the greater her chance of developing the same allergy.

Making apples into baby food was honestly quite a pain in the butt. I think this is almost 100% due to user error however. I attempted to do this in a very short window of time after work. My light was limited, my kiddo got hungry, and I learned very quickly to always peel the apples BEFORE you chop them. This added about 15 minutes to my overall cooking time.

One thing to know is that apples are considered one of the "dirty dozen" foods for babies. (See the full list here). This means that apples are one of the fruits most likely to be contaminated by pesticides, so if you are able, buying organic is a smart choice.

So, to make apples into baby food, start with as many apples as you choose.

Core your apples. (Again, peeling BEFORE doing this step would be wise), and chop into chunks.

Place the apples in a large pot, and just cover with water. Bring to a boil, and steam until tender.

The next step is subjective, depending on how thin you want the final product. Molly is working her way into thicker purees, so I mashed the apples, but you can also puree them.

You can also add spices to give them a bit more flavor. I did not do this this time around, but will next time to help as I thought they were just a bit bland.

Have any other apple tips? Feel free to share them below!

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