Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Why it Mattered to Me

This morning my alarm clock went off at 3:50am. I got up, showered, did my hair, and parked my bum on the couch with my computer, ready to participate in history with the other third of the world who watched along with me. Had my father-in-law not been sitting next to me I probably would have been teared up watching Kate walk down the aisle to meet her future husband, Prince William.

I've seen so many comments on Facebook from people who wonder why this is a big deal. They simply could care less, and that's fine. But to me, today was exciting and emotional, and I was thrilled to be able to experience it.

For one, I love weddings! I'm a wedding photographer. I get misty watching people I've met once in my life enjoy their first dance in front of their family and friends. I think love is a truly special thing to experience, and when you are lucky to be able to share that with someone, it should be celebrated. Weddings just don't get old to me. I love the couples, the details, and the celebration.

Secondly, I grew up in a house that worshiped the Royal Family. My mom had stacks of People Magazines and books with Princess Diana on the front covers. When I was a kid I would dream of meeting Princess Diana and becoming her best friend. As I got older I respected the goodwill work that she did and to this day I credit her example as the reason I like to give and help others. William is my age, and Harry is my brother's age, so it has been fun to watch them grow along with us.  William of course, was my teenage crush. :) When Diana died, my my mom and I sat in front of the TV in shock and tears, and I literally watched one of my dreams slip away as I realized I would never get to meet one of my idols. I was up in the middle of the night to watch her funeral and mourn with the world.

Finally, I just find this couple to be incredibly fascinating. They just seem so "real." I put it in quotations because I know in many ways they are not like everyone else, but one thing I have always respected about William and Harry are how down to earth and almost normal they appear to be. And of course, Kate being a "commoner" (also in quotes, because in this case commoner does not exactly equal poor or middle-class), almost allows their marriage to hit home a little.

So for me, today was an opportunity to celebrate, remember, and of course, live vicariously through a family that has been a part of my own culture for as long as I can remember. Like my mom followed Diana as she started her family, I'm excited to follow William and Kate, and to watch their kids grow as my kids grow. I wish them blessings and happiness, and felt honored to be able to celebrate with the world as they married this morning.

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  1. Kristina, I just LOVE this post! And I am with you on all the wonderful words you said! How amazing is it to celebrate something so fantastic and be a part of such a wonderful celebration?! You can borrow my Princess Diana replica ring anytime : )