Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turning 30

Today is my 30th birthday. The big 3-0. The Dirty Thirty. I've spent so much time dreading this day, and now that it's here, I've found myself really sitting back and thinking about all the successes I had in my 20s, and instead of being sad today, I've decided to celebrate, and embrace the next decade before me.

I remember exactly where I was when the clock struck midnight on my 20th birthday. I was in college, and a manager at the local Friendly's. I was in the back office, counting the drawer, and I remember tearing up when it was official that I was no longer a teenager. Little did I know that the next ten years would allow me to accomplish many of the things that at that time I wondered if I would ever get to experience. So, allow me to reminisce and even brag a bit as I think about the past decade of my life.

I lived in another country. Four months in Spain, and still to this day, the best four months of my life.

El Alhambra, Granada
I survived my 21st birthday (barely). Let's just say the picture for this one is left hidden.

I graduated college.

I got a real job.

I lived in the city.

I finally fell in love...with someone who loved me back. :)

I traveled to the west coast.

V. Sattui Winery, Napa California

I took students abroad..twice. Once to Quebec, Canada, and once to Madrid, Spain.

I got married.

Photo Credit - Amy Salerno

I went on a my dream honeymoon to the Caribbean.

I bought a house.

I got a dog.


I photographed a wedding.

I had a baby.

I started my own business.

This list doesn't even mention the numerous crazy nights, silly moments, and ridiculous stories that will always cross my mind every now and again and make me smile. I think my 20s were pretty good to me. I can't believe I've hit 30 but I think my 30's will be wonderful in their own way.  I picture family time, watching my kids grow, enjoying time with my husband, and grown up girls nights with my girlfriends. I know bumpy roads are a part of any phase of life, but I'm excited to see what these next 10 years bring my way.

I'm officially a thirtysomething.


  1. You should be proud.. and BRAG. Your 20's were great but your 30's will be better! :)

  2. Love this... and I'll probably do something similar when I hit 30. You've got a lot to be proud of Kristina!

  3. Wow, you sure did accomplish a lot in 10 years!! The next 10 will certainly be different but equally as awesome in their own way :) Happy Birthday hun! Love, Angie

  4. Great post Kristina!! Loved all the pictures, Enjoy your 30's...

  5. Such a sweet post! (as I sit here teary-eyed) The 30's are (so far, so good) already memorable in their own way! Happy 30th bday, sweetie!