Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet the Crew

So I figure if you're going to be reading about my crazy little family, it might be nice to have a little info about each of us and a face to go with the name. So, let me introduce you to the cast of characters:


This is Jim, aka the hubby. 

Likes: beer, dogs, coffee, video games, rally car, mountain biking, sleep, food, music, computers. Oh, and Molly and Wifey too.

Dislikes: vegetables, shopping, republicans (no offense anyone), decaf coffee, and litter box duty.


This is Molly, aka the 5-month old, love of our lives.

Likes: pooping, eating, sleeping, naps on Dad, singing with Mom, eating the dog's nose, and staring at the kitty.

Dislikes: nothing. Life is ok for a 5-month old.


This is Rowdy, aka Roo, our 2.5 year old chocolate lab.

Likes: Dad, sticks, tennis balls, swimming, the p-a-r-k (shhhh don't say it too loud), eating, and pooping.

Dislikes: Mom (ok, it depends on the day), the kitty, the vacuum, and the Roomba.


This is Naboo, aka the kitty.

Likes: being pet, eating food, bringing "gifts" upstairs from the basement (in the form of construction gloves and sponges), and mewoing in the dark.

Dislikes: plastic bags, being held, the dog, having her belly rubbed


This is Kristina, aka Me.

Likes: photography, Molly, Hubby, crafting, shopping, reading, traveling, and wine.

Dislikes: pickles, intolerance (yes, I'm intolerant of intolerance), listening to people eat, grocery shopping, and cold weather.

So, that's us, that's the crew. I hope you enjoy our stories!


  1. Love this! I might have to use this idea some time... I can only imagine the "likes and dislikes" I could come up with for the boys!

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you decided to blog again, I've always enjoyed reading your stories!

  3. Silly girl, you're living in the wrong state if you dislike cold weather! =P